nuctl deploy

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Build and deploy a function, or deploy from an existing image


nuctl deploy function-name [options]


      --base-image string       Name of the base image (default - per-runtime default)
      --build-command String    Commands to run when building the processor image
      --data-bindings string    JSON-encoded data bindings for the function (default "{}")
      --desc string             Function description
  -d, --disabled                Start the function as disabled (don't run yet)
  -e, --env string              Environment variables (env1=val1[,env2=val2,...])
  -f, --file string             Path to a function-configuration file
      --handler string          Name of a function handler
  -h, --help                    Help for deploy
  -i, --image string            Name of a Docker image (default - the function name)
  -l, --labels string           Additional function labels (lbl1=val1[,lbl2=val2,...])
      --max-replicas int        Maximal number of function replicas
      --min-replicas int        Minimal number of function replicas
      --no-pull                 Don't pull base images - use local versions
      --nuclio-src-dir string   Path to a local directory that contains Nuclio sources (avoid cloning)
      --nuclio-src-url string   URL of Nuclio sources for git clone (default "")
  -o, --output string           Type of the build output - "docker" or "binary" (default "docker")
  -p, --path string             Path to the function's source code
      --port int                Public HTTP port (NodePort)
      --publish                 Publish the function
  -r, --registry string         URL of a container registry (env: NUCTL_REGISTRY)
      --replicas int            Set to 1 to use a static number of replicas (default 1)
      --run-image string        Name of an existing image to deploy (default - build a new image to deploy)
      --run-registry string     URL of a registry for pulling the image, if differs from -r/--registry (env: NUCTL_RUN_REGISTRY)
      --runtime string          Runtime (for example, "golang", "golang:1.8", "python:2.7")
      --runtime-attrs string    JSON-encoded runtime attributes for the function (default "{}")
      --triggers string         JSON-encoded triggers for the function (default "{}")
      --volume                  Volumes for the deployment function (--volume src1:dest1 --volume src2:dest2)
      --version string          Version of the Docker image (default "latest")

Options inherited from parent commands

  -k, --kubeconfig string   Path to a Kubernetes configuration file (admin.conf)
  -n, --namespace string    Kubernetes namespace (default "default")
      --platform string     Platform identifier - "kube", "local", or "auto" (default "auto")
  -v, --verbose             Verbose output

See also

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