On This Page

The day-to-day development is managed in the GitHub issues, but the following should serve as a high-level overview of the current Nuclio features and future development plans.

Current features

  • Triggers
    • HTTP
    • NATS
    • Kafka
    • Kinesis
    • RabbitMQ
    • Iguazio v3io
    • Azure Event Hub
    • cron (locally invoked)
  • Platform abstraction
    • Kubernetes & Minikube
    • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
    • Azure Container Service (AKS)
    • Local Docker
  • Runtimes
    • Go (built as a plugin)
    • Python 2.7, 3.6 (CPython)
    • .NET core
    • PyPy
    • Shell (invoke binary or script via exec)
    • V8 (JavaScript and NodeJS)
    • Java (JAR and source)
  • Data bindings
    • Iguazio v3io
    • Azure Event Hub
  • Configurable ingress for HTTP triggers
  • Dashboard (UI)
  • REST API over HTTP
  • Prometheus integration via push and pull
  • Microsoft Azure Application Insights integration for metrics and logging
  • Command-line utility (nuctl), distributed under GitHub releases
  • Versioning of artifacts
  • Helm charts
  • Dark-site support (no internet access), including support for user-provided images

Under development

  • Dealer (stream partition and scale orchestration)
  • Scale-out integration testing
  • VSCode plugin
  • Timeout enforcement


  • End-to-end testing automation
  • Function versioning and aliasing
  • Builder as a separate entity (currently integrated into in CLI and dashboard)
  • Zero scale on idle (currently functions scale starts with one pod)
  • Generic data bindings with multiple back ends (such as S3, Volumes, Streams, and K/V APIs)
  • Raspberry Pi