Serverless for Real-Time and Data-Driven Applications


nuclio is an open source serverless platform which is faster than bare-metal code, brings significant new functionality and works with data and event sources to accelerate performance and development. It is portable across IoT devices, laptops, on-premises datacenters and multi-cloud deployments, eliminating cloud lock-ins and enabling hybrid solutions. nuclio simplifies the adoption of cloud native architecture across a broad set of use cases, without sacrificing performance or debuggability.


The fastest serverless platform running up to 400,000 function invocations per second


Enables simple debugging, regression and a multi-versioned CI/CD pipeline


Supports a large variety of open or cloud-specific event and data sources with common APIs


Is portable across low-power devices, laptops, on-prem and multi-cloud deployments

Take Off: Get Started in 60 sec!

The simplest way to explore nuclio is to run the nuclio playground (you only need docker):

docker run -p 8070:8070 -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -v /tmp:/tmp nuclio/playground:stable-amd64

Browse to http://localhost:8070, deploy one of the example functions or write your own. The playground, when running outside an orchestration platform (e.g. Kubernetes or Swarm), will simply be deployed to the local docker daemon.

The Getting Started With nuclio On Kubernetes guide has a complete step-by-step guide to using nuclio over Kubernetes.

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Use Cases

See examples here!

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